Margaret's Night In Saint Peters Gift Set



Margrets Night in Saint Peters gift set image





Margaret’s Night in St. Peter’s book written by Jon M Sweeney and illustrated by Roy DeLeon. This is a charming story about Margaret, the Pope’s Cat, who gets lost in St. Peter’s, meets saints, children, the Pieta, Baby Jesus and more as she experiences how Christmas is traditionally celebrated in the Vatican. 8 ½” x 5”, pb. Suitable for ages 6 and above.

Sweet, four-inch Infant Jesus figure with halo that is lying in a wood crib filled with straw.  High quality, hand painted Infant measures approximately 4” long (including metal halo); crib measures approximately 4 ½” long. Infant in crib arrives in a bright red organdy gift bag, shown here.

Tiny Christmas Wreath that measures approximately 1 ½” x 1 ½”; can be hung on a Christmas tree or added to the crib.

Gift arrives in a colorful, Christmas gift bag.



Note: this is the second gift set in the "Margaret the Pope's Cat" series. To see the first in the series click here.

More to come.